Wednesday, December 2, 2009


My Foods class made Calzones today. My room smells really good right now. They turned out really good! Yum!

Mock Preschool

Today and yesterday we held our mock preschool in my FACS classes. My students became the "preschoolers". It was a lot of fun to see them do the activities. There was a snack activity where students had to use their imagination to create a smiley face using various food supplies. There was a reading station with a variety of children's books that students could explore and read.
There was a math station where students played a dice game adding the numbers they rolled. The faster they rolled and counted the better chance someone could win!
There was a small motor station where students had to put together puzzles with their eyes closed. They had to use their sense of touch in order to succeed.

There was an art station where students wrote notes to their best friend without using letters.

And there was a science station that explored how dish soap works and repels fat molecules. I didn't get a picture of that group, but it was one of the favorites. Overall I think the students had a good time.