Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cookie Color Wheels

We made cookie color wheels in FACS this past week. The students did a great job using red, blue and yellow food coloring to create the other 9 colors on the color wheel. The best part was getting to eat a job well done! :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Interior Design in FACS

Today in FACS we started the Interior Design unit. This unit is so much fun because it is so hands on. I LOVE seeing the creativity of students.  Today we had a paper house building contest to start the unit off. The houses were judged on aesthetics, height and ability to withstand the weight test.  Here are a couple of the houses...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Teen Living & FACS

Today in Teen Living we took a few minutes to catch up on various notes and activities we haven't had time to do previously. We have been talking about values and goals, emotions and moods, and communication. We did one activity where students had to stack some cups in a pyramid shape. They could not touch the cups (except with an elastic band with yarn attached to it)  and they could not talk. Here are a couple of pics of how the activity went...
 This group dropped one of their cups... one the floor... under a students mechanical wheel chair... talk about a challenge.

 It was a fun activity. We did  it a second time and they were allowed to talk... it was much easier. :)

The FACS class got to know each other a little bit better playing similarities bingo. They found things they had in common with the peers in the class.  It was fun to see what characteristics made students unique, but it was also fun to see how much students had in common.