Monday, November 29, 2010


Today in FACS students used their imagination to draw a creature. Then they had to communicate to a partner, verbally, how to draw their creation. it was fun to listen to and watch. Some of the results were... interesting. These girls did a pretty good job!

Baby Birthday

Today in Teen Living babies were born. Dr. Bench visited class to "deliver" the babies. It was so great! There was so much anticipation in the room as each student took their turn with labor. Dr. Bench got one student good. She was half way back to her seat, when he said, "Wait! There is another one on its way!" See the look of stunned surprise on her face! Classic.
This is her, picking up her second beautiful daughter. Just as a side note... she did get twin girls. She asked about 15 minutes later if she could switch them to boys. I told her it didn't work like that. You take what you get. :-)
We had a couple of proud parents who wanted to be present for their first grandchild come visit class as well. It was fun to have them come. :-)

After delivery I gave students the rest of the hour to dress their babies. What a fun group!

Potato Nacho's

Just another way of saying... Cheesy Fries!! The Foods classes made these last week. This was an easy lab and I think the students really enjoyed them. They were baked... not fried.

Hair Care Guest Speakers

Last week in Fashion we had Paul Mitchell Hair School come to chat with us about hair care. They showed us a variety of their hair care products and explained what it is they do. Then they gave out free samples. They discussed different face shapes and hair styles that look good on various face shapes. They also did some make-up and gave tips on how to apply make-up.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Late Post...

This was last week, but I just saw the pic on my camera and realized I had forgotten to post about it. This was our last lab in FACS. The students made Chicken Pillows. It was the first time I had tried the recipe with students and for the most part, they all enjoyed it. The students that struggled with it, didn't read the directions.

Kids Learn Through Play

Today in FACS we started our Child Development unit. We discussed how kids learn best through play, so we practiced some of the old finger plays and games that kids like to play. We did the "Hokey Pokey", we did "Thumbkin", and we did "Itsy Bitsy Spider". Here is a pic of the kids playing "Duck, Duck, Goose!" So much fun!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Pizza... Finally!

The FACS students have been sooooooo excited for the pizza lab and today it finally happened. I saw some very clever pizza's today. Oh, and my room was really hot, but it did smell good!

Fashion Strip Mall

In Fashion the students have been learning about consumerism in fashion. They made a little strip mall to help learn about the different store types.