Monday, November 30, 2009


Today in FACS my students made Thumbies. They used markers to ink-up their fingertips, then they created a picture in their packet. Once the pictures were created, students traded packets and wrote short stories about the thumbie picture. The packets were traded 2 more times and the stories were continued at each new person. Here is one of the stories that came to be:

There is a family that is traveling in a car on the highway. The family had to pack quickly and run. The family barely had time to get away. They only packed the essentials. The family was running away from...
the hurricane that was moving at 500 miles per hour. Although the sun was shining, the sky behind them was dark and black. The 2 year old boy turned around and said, "What is that big twirly thing doing?" A TORNADO!!...
OMG. We are all gonna die! Then came along Superman to save the day! Hah! He lifted the car up and flew to Forks to meet Edward and Bella. They lived happily ever after. The end. :-)

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