Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lots to Blog!

Students have been busy in my classes lately! So busy that I haven't had a chance to blog what they have been doing. I have been taking pictures though, so here are some of the highlights!

My Foods class has been learning about the Food Guide Pyramid. The students played a review game where they had to re-create the food guide pyramid without using their notes. Students also made calzones that day in class- my room smelled sooooooo good!

My clothing students have turned in the work they have been doing since the beginning of the quarter. These backpacks are two of the examples of what they have been working on. Students did a great job. They learned how to use the embroidery machine, how to do a button hole, and how to do a mitered pocket. Great job!

My Fashion class has been working on the principles and elements of design. They have painted color wheels, created painting works of art working with tints and shades of one color, and worked with rhythm through scratch art. So creative!!!

My FACS Exploration students have been continuing their work in the clothing lab. The aprons they have made have turned out great! They will be wearing the aprons they made in the foods lab during our next unit. They chose such fun materials! The aprons are double sided so students can wear either side. Some of the students chose to do a decorative top-stitch around their apron- they look so great!

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firebirdluver said...

Madonna mia!!! Ho bisogno di un gran bell calzone!