Monday, October 26, 2009

Proper Measuring

My FACS students today made goop. I LOVE this mini-lab. I give them the recipe you see below. That's all. They make it. Below are some pics of the results. It is amazing how each group turns out sooooo differently. It is supposed to look like peanut butter bars, but they rarely end up looking like they should. After the mini-lab we talk about the importance of measuring accurately. They always have a good time with this lab, even if the product doesn't look appetizing.

Somewhere along the way, this student thought the directions said to cook the ingredients. Needless to say, theirs did not even come close to looking like it should. :-)


firebirdluver said...

Do you do any training on measuring by weights rather than volumes. My chef brother-in-law insists that measuring by weights is the proper way to do it. (Which means translating every recipe he posts from weights to volumes)!

Kurt and Shelli Barnum said...

I agree with your brother-in-law. But no. We don't do measuring by weight. We are luck to have a complete set of dry and liquid measuring cups in each kitchen. No way could we afford scales. Also, most of the students I have aren't going to become chefs. They will cook at home, but they aren't going to have scales either. So, I try to teach what is going to be most beneficial for the majority of students.