Friday, February 18, 2011

Old Folks Day

In Teen Living we have been talking about families. And since the elderly are an important part of every family we spent some time discussing the aging process. Students participated in an "aging simulation" so they could experience what happens as the body ages. Here is a pic of the students wearing their glasses.
The red glasses distorted their vision and their perception of color. They had cotton balls in their ears to simulate hearing loss and tape on their fingers to simulate arthritis. It made for a challenging class period. Students ended up talking really loud to each other so they could hear each other. It was fun!

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firebirdluver said...

I do hope that in your classes you include some sort of training or instruction on ways to avoid hearing/ eyesight loss. I don't think I ever heard much on the subject (other than "Turn down the TV, it's too loud" or to be cautious with the volume of headphones or sitting too close to the TV). At your students' age, those are probably the most likely sources of hearing/ vision loss, but it would be advantageous to note use of safety glasses and hearing protection. (Even in the kitchen - hearing protection should be worn whenever you must raise your voice to be heard, such as when using a blender, mixed or grian mill). If we can get youth to buy into safety now, then their futures in the workplace will be so much sunnier.