Monday, October 17, 2011

Mock Preschool

On Sept. 28th (forever ago) the FACS Exploration students got to go to preschool! They did activities that challenged them as 8th graders, which was the whole concept of the child development unit. We wanted students to understand that when you take care of a child, the activities need to be at their level. The students had a really fun time and really enjoyed the activities.

The math group. They were thrilled with this as you can see :)
They rolled two dice to try and add up to 100, but if they rolled ones, there were different consequences that happened.

This is the Small Motor Group. They were to put together a puzzle with their eyes closed! I was surprised at how good they got at it!

This is the science group. They had Whole Milk and food coloring. They dipped a toothpick in "magic juice" (soap) and watched what happened.

This was the Art group. They were to write letters to their friends, but without using any words. It was really hard for them!

Pretty sure this was the kids' favorite-the snack group. They got to make faces out of bread, peanut butter, twizzlers, chocolate chips and coconut.

And last but not least, the reading group. They sat for 8 minutes and read children's books.

I'd say that's a pretty fun day in school! Wish I had it that easy! ;)

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