Friday, November 14, 2008


I have the coolest students!! Today my FACS classes made pancakes and we had a blast! I know, I know, a simple recipe right. I can easily justify the simple recipe though, with all the other learning skills. Some of the pics below will explain. Some of my students made small silver dollar pancakes...
And some made really, really big pancakes. It was a lot of fun to see them trying to turn their large ones. Students used a lot of teamwork and coordination (and luck) to get them to turn out well.
Some of the groups sat down and had a nice meal. They warmed their syrup and made it a simply, formal affair!

Some of the groups got really creative and made Mickey Mouse pancakes.

I think the students had a good time. I know I did- I also ate about 5 pancakes! First period alone!!

Some of the students started getting a little more creative. Imagination is helpful here...

This is a smiling frog:

And this is a crab:

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