Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Day

Today in Foods was "Turkey Day!" I invited the parents of my Foods students and my administration to come to class to see how to make a Thanksgiving turkey and to sample it, of course. I demonstrated how to prepare, how to de-bone, and how to garnish a turkey. I think the students enjoyed the sampling portion of class the best. I am offing extra credit to any of my students who go to the effort of making their families Thanksgiving Turkey this year. My first period class only had 1 parent come. I am hoping my 4th hour is a little more lively. I have had several students come in to say they were going to bring a guest, so maybe it will be a larger crowd.
This is the only picture we got before the battery on my camera died. Oh well. I will charge the battery when I get home. So much for putting a picture of the finished product on the blog.

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