Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mock Preschool

Today in FACS we had our mock preschool. I put name tags on my students as they walked in the door. There were six different "centers" the students had to get to within the class period. They had ten minutes at each station. We had a snack station, a math station, a science station, a reading station, a small motor station, and an art station. I think the students had a good, challenging time at each of the stations. Here are some pics of the activities:

Here is a breakdown of the activities: The Art Station was to write a letter to their best friend without using words. They had to use color though. The Math Station was to play a dice game. Student had to add each roll of the dice. They could stop rolling at any time and keep their total, or they could keep rolling. If they rolled a "1" their turn was over and they lost their points for that round. First person to get to 100 points won the game. I don't think anyone got to 100. The Reading Station was to silent read children's story books. The Small Motor Station was to put together different puzzles with their eyes closed. The Snack Station was to make a smiley face sandwich with the various ingredients (bread, peanut butter, licorice ropes, gum drops, chocolate chips, raisins, coconut, etc). And the Science Station was to play with milk, food coloring and magic sticks (toothpicks with dish soap on them). It was fun to watch and listen to the students at the various stations.

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