Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sewing Machines & Sergers

My FACS classes are in the clothing lab now and they are learning all kinds of cool stuff. The last couple of days students have been working on samples to learn how to use the different functions and features of the sewing machines. Today students learned how to use the sergers, and they are doing a great job- no fingers have been lost yet! :-) I am looking forward to starting on the pillowcase project and teaching them how to use the embroidery machine. Keep your eyes peeled to see some of the up coming projects! Sorry about the pics being side ways- I am not sure why they get turned like that sometimes.

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Ashlex... said...

I was just taking in a bunch of my pants in today and I was thinking about when I was in middle school. When I did all the samples... they were super easy for me of course. haha. I brought my sewing machine with me to Hawaii, finally, this last trip home. I was soooo excited. I have already made good use of it. I took it on the plane carry on!!!